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    Experience 100% customer satisfaction!

    Rest assured that Perth CT Towing Services will deliver exceptional service tailored to your budget. Our commitment lies in offering timely, helpful, and friendly towing assistance to our clients. We aim to provide a prompt, courteous, and comprehensive tow truck service, safeguarding your property and offering peace of mind in any circumstance.

    Perth CT Towing Services – A dedicated towing company you can rely on!

    Interview Tow Truck 9News

    Clayton is interviewed by Ezra Holt from Nine News Perth about the new regulations about to commence on the 7th of November 2022. Its about time!

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    24/7 Availability for Tow Trucks

    We take great pride in our position as the industry frontrunner in high-performance towing. Check our Google reviews about our towing services online.

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    Accidents & Breakdown Towing

    Daily accidents and breakdowns are our specialty. That's why emergency tow truck aid in Perth is essential.

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    Comprehensive Vehicle Towing

    Our full-tilt tray tow truck services cover all local and regional areas in and around Perth, catering to various vehicle types.

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    Commercial Towing Perth

    By selecting us as your dedicated towing provider for commercial vehicles and equipment, you unlock attractive contract pricing for our services.

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    Reliable Recovery Towing in Perth

    In your time of need, trust Perth CT Towing for experienced and reliable accident recovery and emergency towing services.

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    Professional Towing Perth

    Our skilled experts at Perth City Towing Services are available round-the-clock to assist Perth clients and suburbs in WA with accident towing.

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    Insurance Towing Perth

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    24 Hours Towing Assistance Perth

    After Hours & Emergency Towing Services

    Long Haul & Short Haul Towing Services

    The Most Reliable Towing Company in Perth

    In the unlikely event of an accident or the need for vehicle transport, rely on Perth CT Towing—a dependable and trustworthy service offering 24/7 accident and emergency towing. Regardless of the situation, count on us for effective and affordable tow truck services.


    A Trusted Brand for Tow Truck Services in Perth

    For years, Perth has relied on our top-notch tilt-tray towing and accident recovery services. We’re recognized as a towing industry leader for delivering superior service at competitive prices. Our commitment to providing tow truck services extends to even the most remote areas of Western Australia.

    Looking for a Tow Truck in Perth, Western Australia?

    Should the need for towing services arise in Perth, our dependable 24/7 tilt tray tow truck services are at your disposal. One reason we’re the premier towing company in Perth is our consistently positive customer reviews.

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